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Body Waxing - How To Drastically Reduce The "Ouch!" Factor

Do you like the great feeling that comes from body waxing hair removal but shudder at the thought of what you have to go through to get it?Body waxing is an economical, effective hair removal method which leaves the skin feeling wonderfully smooth. But it comes at a price. Depending on your level of sensitivity there can be considerable discomfort or even pain.Thankfully there are simple precautions you can take which can significantly reduce the "Ouch!" factor. Here they are:1. Pain KillersTake a pain killer 30-60 minutes before the waxing procedure. Look for tablets like Advil that contain Ibuprofen which controls mild pain and inflammation.2. Deep BreathingDo some deep breathing exercises just before your waxing session. Draw in breath deeply through the nose, hold for a few seconds, exhale slowly and fully through the mouth. This relaxes the body and it also has an effect on hair follicles so they are not so constricted, thus making hair extraction less painful.3. Numbing SprayUse a numbing spray a few mi...


Different Skin Burn Treatment Methods

It is extremely important for a skin burn treatment to be used right away, even for minor skin burns. A burn treatment can come in many forms, from natural ingredients, burn ointments, and many others. What kind of treatment really depends on the severity of the burn. First degree burns, ones that leave the skin red and irritated can often be treated at home with homeopathic remedies or over the counter medications.Second and third degree burns, those that have blistering or even opens sores, should be treated properly by a doctor or emergency technician. If you absolutely have to apply first aid to these kinds of burns, you have to do it delicately; otherwise you can make these burns far worse than they already are.First, in order to do the proper skin burn treatment, you have to identify the severity of the burn itself. First degree burns can be very painful, have redness and may swell. If you press on them, they will turn white. With proper treatment, these burns usually start peeling after the first few d...


Keeping Your Gums Healthy So You Can Avoid A Trip To A Periodontist

Estimates show that almost 75% of adults over the age of 40 suffer from gum disease. There is a huge lack of knowledge when it comes to this condition, how it develops, the different forms of treatment, and the repercussions of not seeking treatment. Many people are not usually even aware they have gum disease. When neglected, gum disease can negatively affect a person's health and can cause the loss of teeth.This article explores this condition, including some common myths about it. It covers the difference between periodontitis and gingivitis, the symptoms to be on the lookout for, the best way to avoid gum disease, and how a periodontist can help.The Truth About Gum DiseaseStrangely, a number of myths about periodontal disease have appeared recently. Many people believe it only develops because of not brushing when in fact 25% of the population has a genetic predisposition for the condition. Many others believe it is only a minor problem that will eventually disappear on its own. Actually, it won't just di...


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