Different Skin Burn Treatment Methods

It is extremely important for a skin burn treatment to be used right away, even for minor skin burns. A burn treatment can come in many forms, from natural ingredients, burn ointments, and many others. What kind of treatment really depends on the severity of the burn. First degree burns, ones that leave the skin red and irritated can often be treated at home with homeopathic remedies or over the counter medications.

Second and third degree burns, those that have blistering or even opens sores, should be treated properly by a doctor or emergency technician. If you absolutely have to apply first aid to these kinds of burns, you have to do it delicately; otherwise you can make these burns far worse than they already are.

First, in order to do the proper skin burn treatment, you have to identify the severity of the burn itself. First degree burns can be very painful, have redness and may swell. If you press on them, they will turn white. With proper treatment, these burns usually start peeling after the first few days, and heal in a week or so. Second degree burns are more severe, are very painful and may include blisters and swelling. It is important to know that if this is the type of burn, that you don't pop the blisters, because infection can get in immediately. The skin is often splotchy and red, and may take up to three week to heal properly. Third degree burns are of course the most severe, with white or charred skin, meaning the burn damaged all the layers of skin. In most cases, the victim may feel little or no pain. This is because the nerves in the skin have also been damaged. These burns can take months or even years to completely heal.

Proper skin burn treatment also means identifying where the burn is. Even first degree burns on the face, lips hands or feet, or other sensitive areas, should always seen by a doctor. Even if the second degree burn is small, it should be also looked at. For third degree burns, the best burn treatment, no matter how small, is by a doctor or emergency worker. While you may have to do some emergency first aid treatment, you don't want to break any blisters, or remove any charred skin, this can make it worse.

The first thing you need to do for skin burn treatment is to remove the source of the heat. This means moving the person from the source of the fire, putting them out with a fire blanket, and removing any burned clothing, all of which is contributing to the continuation of the burn. The next step is to cool the burn down, and pull the heat out of the burn itself. Even without a source of flame, the skin can still continue to burn. There are many different burn treatment methods to remove the heat from the skin. Running cool, not cold or hot over the burn can bring out the heat. Also, as strange as it sounds, plain yellow mustard will also work to draw heat out of first degree burns. There are also burn treatment ointments that can also draw the heat away from the skin. From there, some Aloe Vera or other topical ointment can help with the healing process. Another option is a burn treatment fire blanket. They can be used as a fire blanket to escape or a treatment before professional help can be sought.

As you can see, there are many things to remember and treatments when it comes to burns. Proper care is easy if you have the right knowledge and tools.


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